Hello, I am Patrice Ables Vance COO of the Danger Zone. On behalf of myself and my partner CEO of the Danger Zone Regis Martin I would like to thank everyone who has supported us. You believed in our dream in making travel affordable and fun. To date our three trips to West Gate resort in Las Vegas, The Doubletree Resort in Miami, and three international beach parties in Aruba, San Marteen, and Jamaica have been highly successful thanks to you our members and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you!

The Danger Zone was established by Regis and his friends on FAS. Have you ever heard of the tenth floor crew? When I met these men and saw what they were doing on the tenth floor I approached Regis about taking the show on the road. Thanks to you we have been able to deliver networking events, comedy shows, black tie galas and of concourse Danger Zone parties. We at Danger Zone pride our self’s on providing these events along with community events to help those in need. Our relationship with our members is not of business; it is a relationship of family and friends. Regis and I pride our self’s on this relationship and will do everything in our power to keep it strong and in tack. If you ever have a concern or just want to talk please do not hesitate to contact us. Again we thank you very much and know that we love you.

COO Patrice Ables.

Thank you.

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