Jon Saxx

Jon Saxx was voted Best Local Jazz Artist in South Florida by Miami New Times in 2008 and has performed with Najee, Montell Jordan, Howard Hewitt, and Monthly National Anthem Performances for the Miami Heat.

Jon Saxx was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, attended college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and graduated with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. He was employed by Johnson & Johnson as a Medical Device Engineer for 4 years in Miami Florida.

His musical inspiration, Mr. Wright, his saxophone teacher taught him to go beyond playing the music, to making the music a reality for himself and for his audience! Witnessing Jon Saxx in his element, whether or not his eyes are hidden under one of his trademark hats, or his fantasy 3 piece suits, you realize you're watching a man possessed by the spirit of jazz that's as natural as his own heartbeat.

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