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The mission of Special Needs Travel affiliated with Danger Zone Travel is to give those, with disabilities of all kinds, the chance to experience the world with every unique and exciting feature that travel can give to them. One of our own experienced founders of Danger Zone Travel has specialized in assisting those with special needs for years. With her non profit cheer organization, Explosive All Star Cheer, Patrice Ables Vance has travelled with over 25 cheer girls who have special needs themselves, ages ranging from 7 - 34 years old.

With her All Star team, known as the Dazzles, Ms. Vance has taken them from local cheer competitions to Nationals in Las Vegas. Additionally in 2015, the Explosive All Star Dazzles were invited to cheer in the Special Olympic World Games at the Los Angeles Coliseum in front of thousands of live spectators and even more across the United States on television.

The inspirational cheer girls were so amazing that they have been invited back to cheer on the Special Olympics once again in Seattle, Washington in summer of 2018. It is these trips that have inspired Danger Zone Travel to become an agency that gives those with special needs the opportunity to travel and have experiences that will last a lifetime. No matter the circumstance, we have the tools and resources necessary to give you the business, family, and vacation trip of your dreams plus so much more.

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