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“Delivering value and service for your travel dollar”

It’s not something we’ve written down or framed on the wall. It’s hard-wired into each and every one of us working at DangerZone Travel. We live and breathe it every day by researching, managing, organizing and negotiating the best valued airfares and hotel rates. We know all the best places to stay and/or visit around the world. We love collecting unique travel tips for each destination. These, we pass on to you so that you’re guaranteed to receive maximum value and service for every one of your travel dollars.

Enjoy great value travel deals plus the comfort and convenience of our one-stop, on-going services.


DangerZone Travel is a travel agency that help companies to map out travel arrangements for their employees. This can include booking flights, arranging transportation to and from the airport, and booking hotel rooms.


DangerZone Travel Agency specializes in group travel and group travel deals and cruises for family reunions, social groups, alumni groups, school trips, weddings.

DangerZone Travel is a travel agency that specializes in non-profit group travel. As a result, our customers benefit from both our private contracts & strong .


Travel means something different to every person in the world. People may have similar reasons for traveling, but they are always just a little different than the next traveler. To me, travel is about freedom.


Create happy memories with your kids on your next family vacation. We'll help you choose a destination, give you lodging ideas, and make your travels stress-free with awesome activities for kids of all ages. Make this trip the one they'll talk about for years.

Thank you for allowing DangerZone Travel to research a quote for your upcoming travel plans. Please fill out the online quote request in its entirety, and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours with a quote. If your quote request is more complex and requires a lot of customization it could take up to a week to get a quote to you but you will be notified if this is the case. If you do not heat from DangerZone Travel with 24 hours, please email us at patrice@dangerzonetravel.com or contact us at 909.529.1498.

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